The Difference campaign

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The Difference campaign

The Difference campaign

The Difference campaign

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These advertisements were created and produced by Mikael Correa, a Brazilian adman.

He is also an urban bicyclist and designed the campaign with the purpose of making a comparison, through images, between motorized and human transportation, and the consequences of our choices not only for the environment but for our own life.

Mikael has kindly donated these three posters and ads to Associação Transporte Ativo. See more about us here.

In our opinion, the advertisements are brilliant, a mix of subtle intelligence and fine mood. We are extremely grateful. Like Mikael, our actions are focused on contributing to raise bicycle awareness. The ads are going to be a first-rate way of doing that.

And about you: have you ever made a comparative test in your day-to-day living?


  • You could use the ads freely, under the following conditions: you are free to share, you must attribute the work, you may not use this work for commercial purposes.
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